Nonprofit Management Made Simple

Look at that, my very first book!

Start Your Engines: Nonprofit Management Made Simple is a book for those who are interested in starting a nonprofit organization and those that want to run a more effective one. In it, the work of managing a 501(c)(3) is reframed through stories that make each of the four management functions and their components easy to understand.

This book is meant to be fun, informative, and quick. I wrote most of it while I was getting my Master’s degree, which required that I read a lot of non-fiction and text books. While I wanted the information that was inside these books, I had a hard time getting through them. Most of them were so dry. I wanted to find a way to make a non-fiction book more engaging. I did that by writing short stories to start off each chapter that illustrated my point in ways that anyone could understand, whether they had set foot in a nonprofit organization or not.

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Testimonials & Reviews

Rachel Brookhart provides an educational and entertaining introduction to starting a nonprofit — she puts the fun in fundamentals. The short informational chapters include key takeaways to facilitate learning and review, and they alternate with chapters about a fictitious racing team to colorfully illustrate points. The most important part about this book is that — amidst all the fun — it’s firmly realistic about the many demands of running a nonprofit. Brookhart gets to the hard truth immediately, so that even the most starry-eyed idealist can “get real” about the responsibilities ahead. If you’re dreaming of starting a nonprofit, then read this book before you do anything else.

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I have worked in the non-profit sector for 20 years and found common sense advice and reminders throughout this book. I borrowed it from a friend, and a few pages in, knew I wanted my own copy. I recommend it for non profit board members to read and discuss. The humor sprinkled throughout the book and the stories at the beginning of each chapter help to illustrate the key points in a conversational tone and easy to read manner.

Amazon Reviewer

What a great book!  Absolutely terrific. You will help a lot of people with this.

Sue Brookhart (my mom)

Wow!  What a good book.  I learned a lot myself.

Frank Brookhart (my dad)

I’m really enjoying reading it, and I didn’t expect that!

Rick Balian (my proofreader)

Other Publications

I helped create these booklets during my time at the Center for Nonprofit Management.

Get Ready, Get Set
Thinking of starting a nonprofit? Get Ready, Get Set will lead you through some of the things you need to think about before you start the process.

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Grantseeking Fundamentals
New to grant writing? Learn about the grant seeking landscape, researching opportunities, and strategies for writing winning proposals in this helpful booklet. Includes sample budget and budget narrative, list of resources, and planning worksheets.

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crowdfunding guides

I had the pleasure of creating these two guides for StartEngine, an equity crowdfunding platform designed to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, innovate, and ultimately change the world for the better.

These guides are for everyone that is involved in launching an equity crowdfunding campaign. The success of a campaign hinges on getting the right message to the right people in the right ways, and having a clear and concise campaign page.

Issuer Guide: Creating Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Page

Issuer Guide: Marketing Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign